Our Vision


Mankind has been gifted with nature’s five constituents – air, water, fire, light and earth. A fine balance of all the five constituents ensures a healthy environment benefiting all life on earth. Any disturbance within this delicate balance results in natural events which are at times catastrophic.

Energy from the sun is nature’s wonderful gift to sustain all life on earth. Solar energy is available in abundance and provides us with both light and heat. Both energies are an inherent part of sunlight. Scientists and engineers have worked over the ages to harness both energies using technologies that have evolved and matured overtime.

Theme Solar   strives to develop systems that effectively harness the light energy of the sun through photovoltaic systems.

Theme Solar  also promotes adoption of solar water heating systems which harness the heat (thermal) energy.

Photovoltaic energy is harnessed through the use of photovoltaic panels consisting of crystalline silicon cells which generate electricity as and when they are exposed to sunlight while thermal energy systems use copper collectors to absorb the heat when sunlight falls over them.